Membership Benefits & Association Accomplishments

√   Laws and Lien book with required forms

√   $10,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit

√   NEW $4000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit for regular members and employees (must complete enrollment card)

√   NEW Statewide Towing Scholarship Program

√   NEW Statewide Towing Towers Award Program

√   Discounts Programs for members

√   State Police approved Training and Certification Programs

√   Move Over Law passed into Law

√   Members Only section on website (Login: user name: education / password: safety)

√   STA is recognized as a leader in the industry

√   Legislative Monitoring

√   Deregulation of commercial recovery rates

√   Member on MA Incident Management Task Force

√   Monitor the DPU’s actions that affect the industry

√   2008 Fuel Surcharge for involuntary tows regulated by the DPU

√   Passage of “storage bill” in 2010

√   STA only towing organization to successfully petition for DPU rate increase

√   Last increase from $75 to $90 in 2004

√   Educating the insurance industry

√   Annual towing events for the family

√   Courtesy check acceptance among members.

√   Check guarantee up to $1000.00 for STA members only

√   Employee Handbook – Hepatitis B & Sexual Harassment policies

√   CORI background checks for  employees

√   Supporting Membership level for employees

Diamond Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship

Silver Sponsorship

New Financing Options

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