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  • Philanthropic, donating funds to a variety of charities, providing educational  scholarships, and establishing a charitable fund to help families in time of crisis.
  • An optimist, heralding the integral part the towing industry plays An optimist, heralding the integral part the towing industry plays in the traffic management of today and tomorrow’s roadways.

In 1970, a handful of concerned towers formed Statewide Towing Association (STA). For over 45 years, STA has advocated for the Massachusetts towing industry. 

Statewide Towing Association in partnership with our members is:

  • A resource and information clearinghouse for our members, the towing industry, various legislative, executive and administrative bodies, local governments, the media and consumers relative to the towing, transportation, recovery and storage of motor vehicles.
  • An educator, providing a wide variety of training opportunities to foster best practices in business management, towing and recovery techniques, roadside safety, and government, media and consumer relations.
  • An activist promoting a better understanding and public awareness of the complexities, problems and dangers involved in the towing and recovery industry.
  • A champion of the towing industry, advocating for compensatory rates, and legislation and regulation to protect the industry while advocating against onerous legislation and regulation that inhibits the industry’s ability to provide vital services to our various partners, clients and consumers.



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